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Connecting by Working With Student Chapters: A Testimonial


    Empowering StudentsThrough Executive Presence
    As told by Sarah Elkinton, PHR

    Sarah Elkinton at WBU SHRM #5583 -1-I recently (January 18, 2024) had the privilege of facilitating a session on executive presence with a group of enthusiastic human resources student members of the SHRM Student Chapter at Wayland University in Anchorage. It was an enriching experience that allowed me to delve into the nuances of executive presence and talk about the bedrock elements that when mastered early, can launch an emerging professional into a wildly successful career. In our time together, we delved into the key components of executive presence - that intangible quality that sets leaders apart. We explored how emotional control, the ability to give and receive feedback, and trust building to create psychological safety contribute to a professional's overall impact in the workplace - both as a leader, a peer, and an employee.

    Sarah Elkington at WBY SHRM #5530 -2-
    Teaching students (future managers) goes beyond imparting knowledge; it's about nurturing future HR leaders. The students of Wayland come with varied life experiences in and out of the military. We discussed the nuanced difference between leadership in a military role and leadership in a civilian role. I was thrilled to discuss how cultivating executive presence can enhance their effectiveness in driving orgSarah Elkinton presents to WBU SHRM Studetn Cahpter 5583anizational success.

    When I think about the future of HR, my heart is comforted, knowing these students are the future of our field. To my fellow career professionals, do not sleep on the student chapters near you. They are filled with bright minds who crave your knowledge and expertise. The hope, passion, and enthusiasm I shared with the group has renewed my own passion. And I can’t wait to see the impact the students bring to the world!

    For more about Sarah Elkinton and her commitment to professionalism, see her Linkedin profile. #SHRM. #WBUSHRM #NHRMA

    Member Comments

    So good to see our SHRM volunteers and HR professionals connecting with students! Sessions like this are extremely beneficial for our students' development!

    Thank you Sarah!