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Is the NHRMA Certification Prep Course Worth It?

    Vanessa Lindsey

    "I completed the NHRMA Spring Certification Preparation course, and I found it incredibly beneficial in my preparation for and passing the test. SHRM has a ton of materials, which is a great source of information, but studying can be very overwhelming without proper guidance.

    Thankfully, having an instructor who expertly navigated us through the material and focused our attention where needed made a significant difference.  

    The course also included extensive practice questions, and my instructor explained each question and answer which helped me understand how to approach them successfully. This not only improved my test-taking skills but also my comprehension of the material.

    Based on my experience, I recommend investing in this course. It was a game changer for me, leading to my successful certification as SHRM-CP. " 
    - Vanessa Lindsey 

    Registration for the next course is now open!