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Congratulations to a Newly Certified HR Professional!

    SHRM BASK shown as a honeycomb of conceptsThis morning, a colleague sat for the certification exam - and passed!  While candidates feel relief when they get their passing scores, mentors and friends feel excitement and joy about their accomplishments.

    Congratulations, colleague!

    Recently, NHRMA offered a certification prep course. The one that just ended (and the upcoming spring session) included ten 3-hour sessions plus homework assignments. Students used the SHRM learning materials, lectures, discussions, and plenty of concentration to organize their knowledge about the HR competencies. While you can prepare through self-study, attending instructor-led courses might give an advantage, as attendees can discuss concepts and listen to others' questions and comments.

    Roshelle Pavlin, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, a SHRM-trained trainer, has led prep courses since gaining her credentials to deliver the training. She offered her perspective, saying:

    So, you've decided to sit for the SHRM Certification Exam. You've got some HR experience under your belt, but you haven't put in a lot of time in all areas of HR. You've heard of the SHRM Learning System, but know that you might need a little something extra to keep you motivated and focused on studying. What to do? Well, here's what people have said about the SHRM Certification Exam Prep Course: 

    • "Even though it's true that there are no shortcuts to passing the SHRM exam, taking the prep course with a SHRM-certified instructor gave me the confidence I needed to push through the mental blocks that were holding me back."
    • "The scheduled classes made staying committed to learning the vast amount of information attainable. "
    • "The instructor helped me get the most out of the SHRM Learning System by taking the time to walk the class through the various ways to use the tools available to us."

    Not only does NHRMA offer prep courses, so do the SHRMs in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. Check with your local chapters and state councils to see if one matches your schedule.

    Do yourself a favor: schedule your SHRM Certification exam prep course for early 2024. Spring classes will prepare you to take e the exam between May 1 and July 15, 2024.  NHRMA classes will be open for enrollment during the first quarter of the year.  Bookmark this checklist of steps you can take right now, download the BASK, and look for training sessions close to home in 2024.

    And congratulate the newly certified SHRM professionals around you!