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SHRM on Capitol Hill in 2023

    HR Leaders Take the Nation's Capital by Storm for Workplace Change!

    Washington, D.C. witnessed a powerful influx of HR professionals, including representatives from NHRMA states, as they made their mark during the SHRM Volunteer Leaders Business Meeting (VLBM) 2023 Capitol Hill Advocacy Day.

    Picture this: HR advocates, armed with passion and purpose, descended upon the U.S. Capitol to engage with congressional policymakers directly. This annual extravaganza is not just a meeting; it's a dynamic platform where over 750 SHRM members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the American workplace. These members will each be taking leadership roles on boards of directors in their local, state, and regional SHRM groups in 2024.

    The heart of the action? Exclusive meetings with senators and representatives, where these HR trailblazers voiced their priorities on workplace policies. And it's not just about the grand stage—SHRM members also took the conversation to a more personal level, meeting with regional congressional delegations to address issues hitting closer to home.

    Emily M. Dickens, Chief of Staff & Head of Public Affairs at SHRM, highlighted the significance of this gathering, saying, “We thank all our SHRM volunteer leaders for sharing their insights and expertise with policymakers here in Washington. Hearing directly from the people who recruit, hire, and advance American workers helps Congress and the Administration understand the issues and develop better policies.”

    But it wasn't all about serious discussions. Attendees also got the chance to dive into three engaging plenary panel sessions at the Capitol Visitor Center Auditorium. Imagine being in the midst of discussions on hot topics like paid leave and skills-based hiring—vital elements shaping the workplace of tomorrow.

    The enthusiasm doesn't stop there. SHRM is committed to carrying this momentum forward, advocating for workplace policy changes through grassroots and direct efforts. Their mission? Shaping not just better workplaces but a better world.

    In a world where the workplace is evolving, these HR professionals aren't just witnessing change; they're driving it. The echoes of their advocacy are not just confined to Capitol Hill; they resonate in every office, echoing the collective call for a workplace that truly works for everyone.

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