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NHRMA Invests in the Future of the Workplace Through Students


    Koss & Denomy 2023 Awards at NHRMA

    At the 2023 NHRMA conference in Tacoma, WA, two students, at the graduate and undergraduate levels, were acknowledged for professionalism in the human resource management field.

    Elizabeth French, a graduate student enrolled at Oregon State) University, and Jake Condon, an undergraduate student at Eastern Washington) University were selected as the 2023 recipients.

    The undergraduate award memorializes Robert Denomy. This award recognizes undergraduate students who have performed outstanding service to the HR profession and to the Association in the NHRMA region, in the best tradition of Bob Denomy. Denomy is remembered for his many years of service as a PNPMA/NHRMA Association Director, providing significant support to the growth and development of student HR programs in the Pacific Northwest.  The intent of the award is to recognize student performance as it adheres to the stated goals of the Association.

    The graduate award recognizes the contributions of Sharon Koss. Koss was passionate about developing HR professionals in the Pacific Northwest through continuing education.  She developed HR professionals and students at the local chapters, student conferences, NHRMA HR Foundations, and SHRM national events.  She served as a faculty for SHRM for over 15 years and over 19 years as faculty for the NHRMA HR Foundations.   She served for many years in LWHRA and NHRMA.