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Why Human Resource Management Professionals are Vital for Business Success

    Why Human Resource Management Professionals are Vital for Business Success

    Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals play a critical role in running successful businesses. They are responsible for strategic planning and resource oversight. Services they provide include recruiting, hiring, managing, and training staff and contractors, handling employee relations issues, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, compensation and benefits management, and in many businesses, curating the company culture.

    How do HR careerists and others who manage people remain current in their knowledge of changing conditions? They join professional organizations that offer certification, training, legislative advocacy, a code of ethics, and tools for networking with other HR professionals. SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, has an international membership base and serves as the voice for the profession. For businesses located in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state, NHRMA (the Northwest Human Resource Management Association) is the organization that brings SHRM to the local scene.

    Why join?

    • To remain current - and perhaps, to find out what you don’t know that you should know about the effective use of human talent
    • To connect with others who face similar economic and hiring conditions
    • To gain certification that marks you as achieving top standards in the profession
    • To access ongoing training to keep you current in the field  - just as your company CPA and other top leaders do
    • To open options for career development through annual conference participation

    Joining a professional organization such as SHRM and specifically the regional section (NHRMA) can transform your HR career and propel your success. Don't miss the opportunity to stay current, connect with peers, gain certification, and access valuable training resources. Take the next step and become part of a vibrant community of HR leaders who are driving business success. Visit the SNHRMA website today to learn more and start your journey toward professional growth and excellence.