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Distinguished Member Award

    Nomination Form Link


    To recognize Association members who have made significant contributions to the human resource profession, the community and/or the Association.


    Award recipients shall be members of the Society for Human Resource Management for a minimum of seven years, and a member of a chapter or state council in the Northwest Human Resource Management Association area.  They shall have provided meritorious service to the profession, the Association, and/or local chapters for a minimum of ten years while serving with integrity.  It can include retired members or members who have moved out of the region or profession, who have lived in the NHRMA region within the prior year.  It is expected that the recipient shall be certified by SHRM, the Human Resource Certification Institute, or a similar certifying body in the profession, or shall possess a terminal degree (Ph.D., J.D.) in a related field.

    This award is intended to be a “HUMAN RESOURCES PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” to individuals who have provided exceptional service to the profession over a period of years.


    Examples of accomplishments that qualify an individual for consideration as a Distinguished Member include a combination of the following:

    • Founder of a new NHRMA/SHRM Chapter
    • Long-term NHRMA/SHRM Faculty Advisor
    • A long-term member of local, regional, or national NHRMA/SHRM Boards and Committees, NHRMA Conference Chair
    • Recognition as a leader in the local HRM community
    • Development and sharing of cutting edge approaches to HRM issues
    • National or regional NHRMA /SHRM conference presenter
    • Stabilizing or re-energizing a local NHRMA/SHRM Board and community
    • These are all indicators of demonstrated leadership within the Association and the human resource management profession.

    Any NHRMA/SHRM member may nominate an eligible NHRMA member for the award. The NHRMA Nomination Form must be used for all nominees.

    Some of the information that should be provided on the nomination may include but not be limited to:

    • SHRM/NHRMA Leadership History; including positions and years of service
    • Dates of SHRM membership
    • Current Certification(s) and date(s)
    • Terminal Degree(s) held and Institution name
    • Complete Nomination Form statement referencing the criteria and eligibility standards within the application form
    • Submit two additional recommendation statements from SHRM/NHRMA members within the application form

    Recipients will receive the following:

    • A $100 donation to the SHRM Foundation in their name
    • A free NHRMA conference registration to be used within three years of receiving the award
    • An engraved commemorative plaque
    • An article summarizing achievement in the NHRMA Association website and other social media, as well as with SHRM.
    • Formal recognition at the NHRMA Conference
    • Reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses to attend the conference (in the year of attendance)

    Submit electronic nominations via the nomination form link at the top of this page by June 30th.


    Once an application is received, written notification will be sent to the nominating party.  An appointed selection committee will review the applications and make a recommendation to the NHRMA Board. The NHRMA Board will make the final decision on recipients.  Following this decision, the nominating party and nominee will be notified by phone.  Any other communications will be made by email.


    The NHRMA Awards & Recognition Director (as Chair), President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, and SHRM Field Services Director, Pacific West Region, will review all applications and make a recommendation to the NHRMA Board, which will make the final decision.


    Contact: or by calling Chance Brimhall at 253-880-7888.