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    The future can seem like a scary place sometimes, especially when we’re beginning our journey down a new career path. We can’t control or predict how our careers will unfold over the years, and in fact, it’s a waste of energy to try. Our time is better spent focusing on how to become more resilient in the face of economic, organizational, and personal change.

    With introspective activities, storytelling, networking, and simple tools for you to take with you, this workshop will show you how to leverage your unique strengths and future-proof your career. Specifically, we’ll explore:

    • Ways to keep a clear mind when work feels confusing or chaotic
    • How to connect to what feels meaningful to you in your career
    • Ways to excel no matter what kind of work environment you’re in

    Presented by: 

    Megan Leatherman

    Megan Leatherman works with individuals and groups who are interested in cultivating meaningful careers and healthy workplaces. As a coach, consultant, writer, and host of the podcast “A Wild New Work,” Megan has helped hundreds of professionals feel more aligned at work. She has a Master’s degree in conflict resolution, experience in Human Resources, and believes that our work can be a spiritual practice. You can learn more about her at