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    If you are interested in joining the NHRMA Board of Directors and would like to discuss how your interests may best align with the needs of the organization, please complete this Expression of Interest form, and we will reach out to discuss potential opportunities.

    Click here to view the current Board of Directors' roles and position descriptions.

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    Expression of Interest for the
    Board of Directors

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    Please include the name of the organization, the position you held, and the calendar years that you served in each position.
    NHRMA volunteer roles require a monthly commitment of time. Most roles require travel to events and quarterly board meetings for which we reimburse for travel and lodging based on our policy and budget. We want to ensure every applicant understands, that this commitment can be as little as 1 hour per week for Core Leadership Directors, and 1-4 hours per week for Executive level roles. We understand your time is valuable and want every applicant to understand these roles are not in name only but there are deliverables required as part of the volunteer role expectations.
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